This Week’s DVD, Blu-ray and Cinema Offerings

It’s been slim pickings here at AATM review-wise for the last few weeks. Kick-Ass wasn’t screened for Utah-based critics and both Date Night and The Losers were screened during the day, which for two working-class stiffs like me and Dan is next to impossible to attend. At any rate and all excuses aside, here’s what you can look forward to this week:

Opening in theaters on April 23:

The Losers (PG-13)

You can read Dan’s commentary on the poster here and my critique of The Losers trailer here.

The Back-up Plan (PG-13)

Watch the Super Bowl spot and read my commentary on J-Lo’s new romantic comedy here.

If you want to skip the box office lines, you can buy movie tickets in advance at Plus shopping with our affiliate partners always helps AATM. It hasn’t bought me a Porsche Cayenne, but it has bought me and Dan a couple of value meals at McDonald’s.

As for DVD and Blu-ray, it’s a fairly beefy release week, with Avatar, Crazy Heart, The Lovely Bones and The Young Victoria hitting store shelves in both formats. This week also features a Blu-ray catalog release of Minority Report. You can purchase any of these titles from our affiliate partner below. Personally, I’d hold off on Avatar until an extended, special feature-rich version comes out (probably fall/winter 2010).

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