Toy Story 3 Poster is Kinda Meh

This is the teaser poster for what surely will be the highest grossing Pixar movie ever? For Toy Story 3? Who designed this? Seriously. It looks like an intern at Pixar barfed this out. I mean, I know times are tough and the economy is poop, but last I looked Hollywood raked in a record $4.18 billion at the box office this summer, so you’d think they could afford to put a little more thought and love into the teaser poster for Toy Story 3. Or maybe I’m just in a bad mood today. Either way, eff you, the poster is below.


3 comments On Toy Story 3 Poster is Kinda Meh

  • I think you may be criticizing a little harsh here. The key word is, as you mentioned: “Teaser”.

  • Yeah, but I still think it’s underwhelming. At least remove “no toy gets left behind.” I’d like it better if that was gone.

  • Not a fan either Andy.
    Im sure this will be a good n but i cant help but want the poster to say “Toy Story 3!…Why are we doing this?”

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