H2 Trailer Now Online (Wait – there was an H1?)

h2-rob-zombie-posterRob Zombie directed a remake of the 1978 horror classic “Halloween” that was met with tepid box office results in 2007. Apparently the studio was so thrilled to see it’s money flushed down the toilet, they greenlit a sequel, called “H2” and it’s hitting theaters this August.  Click this link to get your first look at the somewhat-creepy trailer. I haven’t seen Zombie’s remake, but I have seen “The Devil’s Rejects,” so I’d expect gore, nudity and lots of bad behavior. And let me be the first to say if I don’t see Michael Myers splatter some gangstas in his H2 Hummer, I will be sorely dissapointed.

Okay. Who are we kidding? I’m not seeing this. Neither should you, but enjoy the trailer nonetheless.

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  • You should remove this “review” … because it’s not a review. You didn’t goto the movies to see it, you have no desire to watch it, and therefore have no business telling people they shouldn’t go and see it.

  • Hate to burst your bubble, EB – but it’s not a review. Notice it’s filed under “news, coming soon, and trailers?” And since this is a site where movie opinions are passed around, I shared mine. Toughen up, Chief.

  • I read a great comment about this franchise as helmed by Rob Zombie (this coming from an article talking about Zombie killing the franchise, even though that happened via disinterest long ago):

    “…From everything we have seen and been told so far, Zombie has wrestled the Halloween franchise away from where it had been for about 10 films or so and dragged it into the trailer park where he usually operates. Now, with H2, he seems to have fully slathered his hillbilly cooties on Myers et al.” –Devin, CHUD

    I’ve got no appreciation for the Halloween films beyond the first, but Rob Zombie’s mean, icky, grimy hillbilly trash fetish oozes out of everything he’s done. Dude has talent, but needs a new schtick.

    Not everyone wants to scrub the smell of blood, vomit and Wild Turkey out of their brain right after seeing a movie.

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