Trailer Tuesday: A Single Man

A-Single-ManA Single Man is one film, along with a few others, I’m sad I won’t see before the Utah Film Critics Association votes on the best of 2009 this Thursday evening. The film stars Colin Firth (Mama Mia!) and Julianne Moore (Blindness) and is directed by fashion magnate turned filmmaker, Tom Ford. If you can’t put a face to the name, there was a Vanity Fair cover a few years ago where Ford posed clothed with a fully nude Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley.

The movie is based on a 1964 Christopher Isherwood novel of the same name and the story revolves around George Falconer (Firth), a gay college professor living in Southern California. The film was screened at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival in September and was subsequently picked up by The Weinstein Company for distribution. As it stands today, Colin Firth and Julianne Moore both received Golden Globe nominations for their acting in A Single Man. Firth also received a runner-up nod for best actor from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

As for the trailer, it is simply a washed-out symphony of avant-garde flashes of story and character, something you’d expect from someone so eclectic and diversified as Ford. Take a peek below and let me know what you think. If you’re lucky enough to have seen A Single Man, please share your thoughts.

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  • SKG, let me clarify a few items. I don't work for the HJ anymore. Technically the HJ's film reviewers aren't even considered employees. They are “freelance writers.” At any rate, they pay $30 for each column and I was spending that every week in gas to get to SLC for screenings. When I asked for help they said no. So, with the advent of Andy at The and the gig with KVNU (who agreed to pay gas money), I moved on.

    As for the UFCA, I would like to see all movies, but alas I work a full-time job that prohibits me from making it to morning screenings. So unless it comes via screener, chances are I won't see it. Sad but true. But, fortunately, that's why there are 13 members, so everyone's vote is equaled out. I'll post our winners Friday morning!

  • Andy, since you’re a member of the UFCA, I would think you’d be able to screen all of the films along with the critics on the Wasatch Front. That is a little disheartening to hear that you’re not able to screen all of the films the same as those critics can that are in and around SLC and are members of the same circle.

    I think if the HJ is able to send sports reporters to follow CVHS athletics to the nether-regions of Utah/Idaho to report on volleyball games and track meets, then the paper should be able to give their only film critic a per diem for gas and concessions to go to SLC and screen films.

    Okay, maybe not a reimbursement on concessions, but still. You should be able to screen all of the films the same as the other critics in Ogden/SLC/Provo. JMHO

  • I just viewed the trailer for “A Single Man” and found it very compelling. I do look forward to seeing the movie.

  • I figured there were morning screenings in SLC, and I'm sure multiple screenings on any given day, so those are tough for anyone to get to if they have to commute from CV to get there. Then add on top that you already have a full-time job, and that makes it virtually impossible to attend any screening whatsoever.

    I haven't been in CV for some time now so I didn't know you no longer worked for the Hairy Urinal– but for you I say good riddance!! They didn't deserve Flood or you to do film reviews and they have proven once again how ridiculously bush-league and cheap of an organization they really are. Truly pathetic and I'm glad both you and Tyler high-tailed it out of there for KVNU.


  • The morning screenings all seem to be the awards consideration screenings, which sucks. The studios usually do a good job sending screeners, but they were chintzy this year. I'm actually preparing a post about how excluding regional movie critics is a bad idea for studios. You can't put a price on word of mouth, in my opinion.

  • Colin Firth and Matthew Goode are both great actors and I am glad to see them in a movie that is turning heads. I would be really interested to see this movie although it will pain me to see Colin Firth kissing a man…bye bye Mr Darcy…

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