Trailer Tuesday: Beastly

You’d think with all the sunny weather we’ve had in Utah over the last two weeks I’d be doing cartwheels and salivating at the prospects of summer weather right around the corner. But no, I’ve been one cranky SOB and nothing is riling me up more than 2010’s summer movie slate. I’m fairly sure my must-see list can be counted on one hand and I’m similarly confident my must-miss list is overweight with moronic crap, like the trailer below for this July’s fantasy romance, Beastly.

I could tell you Beastly is based on the 2007 novel of the same name (written by Alex Finn) and I could go into the story and characters, but after you watch the trailer below I think you’ll get the picture. It’s basically a Generation Y retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story. No doubt the mood and concept of Beastly are set to mimic the young love and angst so prevalent in the The Twilight Saga, and with the casting of High School Musical sweetheart, Vanessa Hudgens, the target audience is clear.

Personally, even with Neil Patrick Harris showing up as a blind tutor, this movie is a fantastic mural of what summer 2010 is moviewise. Mark my words, May through August will be the spottiest and driest entertainment season in recent memory. If you disagree, please speak up. And if you’ve read the book, Beastly, please, let us know your take. As for me, I’m going to rinse out my mouth. Watching Vanessa Hudgens acting gave me a little mini barf in my mouth.

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