Trailer Tuesday (Belated): The Back-Up Plan

I’ve never missed a Trailer Tuesday since Andy at The went online in March of 2009, so here’s a belated preview for your viewing hell enjoyment. This is the Super Bowl spot for the new Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy, The Back-Up Plan. Personally, after watching this pile of turd, I think “romantic” and “comedy” aren’t even on the radar. More like “mind numbingly dumb” and “100 percent shit-tastic.”

For those who care and probably went out and bought Monster-in-Law, The Back-Up Plan tells the story of Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), who not only wants to find the love her life, but also wants a kid. Her best pal donates his sperm and she is artificially inseminated. Ironically, as she’s leaving the clinic, she meets Stan (Alex O’Loughlin) and they fall in love and the rest of the movie is spent with the couple dealing with her pregnancy.

Yeah, I know. Sounds moronic. Anyway, happy Tuesday Wednesday. Try not to kill yourself after watching this. I don’t want blood on my hands.

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  • Actually, Zoe’s insemination is not from her best friend, but a match from a sperm bank. And, personally, after viewing the trailer (seen on Superbowl Sunday as well as on YouTube), it looks funny and entertaining. Rom-Coms are not rocket science, but is it a crime to laugh and enjoy some hot stars (Jennifer and Alex)?

  • True, Lynn, true…when they’re funny. I’m betting this isn’t so much. But hey, if you’re fans of J-Lo and A-Lough, then you’ll probably love it. Thanks for the input.

  • To be honest the movie looks decent and funny. I wouldn’t rule it out just yet. I think it has hope reminds maybe be as good as her movie “the wedding planner”.

  • I think the movie will be great. I am actually looking forward to seeing a bit more trailers for it.

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