Trailer Tuesday: Brothers

brothersI’m always a little hesitant to go bonkers over a trailer because, like a jilted lover, I just don’t want to get burned again after emotionally investing myself in a two-minute clip. This is my state of mind with “Brothers,” the new film from Jim Sheridan (“In America”), starring Tobey Maguire (“Spider-Man”), Natalie Portman (“The Other Boleyn Girl”) and Jake Gyllenhaal (“Rendition”). My heart strings were tugged a little bit while watching this preview, but again – how much of that is slick marketing and how much of the good stuff will translate to the screen? That’s the eternal question in Hollywood, one marked by countless letdowns.

The case for this movie being gold sure seems solid. The only one I question in this movie is Tobey Maguire. I think he’s caught the Mark Hamill curse and will forever be seen as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He comes across as a petulant man-child in nearly every movie, including “Seabuscuit” and “The Good German.” I think his only break from that might be his 15 second cameo in the “Satan’s Alley” trailer in “Tropic Thunder.” Gyllenhaal has a little more wiggle room with me, as his roles in “Brokeback Mountain,” “Jarhead” and “Zodiac” are all strong acting.

And Portman? Well, she’s just drop dead hot, so even though she’s questionable sometimes in the acting department, I’ll grant her a pardon and hope I can get past her young woman looks to believe she’s a mother of two young kids in this movie.

Take a peek below. What do you think? Is this one to see?

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  • meh.
    Hasn’t this been done before?
    I think I saw it on Jerry Springer. . .

  • Tobey Maguire is a “man-child,” but like other “man-children” (ha ha! that sounds funny), I think he can break free of the mold.

    Maybe it’s because I am a political hack, but I feel a little defensive when I watch the trailer… while I must admit, I do want to see the movie, I am just terribly suspicious that this will be another Hollywood political agenda flick, attempting to villify the war and its soldiers… not to mention, I don’t know how long I can endure another crappy performance by Jake Gyllen-crappy-actor.

    But yes, Natalie Portman is SOOOO HOT!

  • Retarded. This hearkens back to the pile of crap that is Pearl Harbor.

  • Yeah, this looks like a pandering pile of lumpy turd. Now I don’t have to see it because the trailer just gave me the whole thing.

    “Tobias…. You’re breaking my heart!”

  • Who’s Mark Hamill?

  • 1. You hard hearted bastards!

    2. This is a remake of a foreign film.

    3. Did I mention I disagree?

    4. Did I mention I’m still skeptical?

    5. Mark Hamill = Luke Skywalker.

  • 1. Yes

    2.Early word is “turdtastic”. I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote from Heaven.

    3. Being wrong is ok.

    4. Atta baby!

    5. Mark Hamill = My Dad

  • Andy i know your a movie critic but when you mentioned brokeback i got a mental of you glued to the screener with anticipation..

    I have yet to and have no desire to see that movie, yeah yeah..its a beautiful love story..with TWO DUDES!

    Now we have this tard Bruno taking the top spot of the week, wtf is happening to our society?..

    Oh..the poster alone to this movie gives me an innie..

  • What’s the early word? I haven’t seen any reviews or a release date yet. I know it’s been held back, which isn’t always a good sign.

  • It’s just had a troubled release/distribution schedule and Sheridan’s work as of late has been a little rough. Folks in the know are putting two and two together. A lot is speculation of course, and with the film being released smack in the middle of awards season, there might be some substance to it some early test screenings indicating it’s good. But with the whole Reservation Road feel of the trailer, crapping on it is much more fun to do. After all, I can always apologize later.

  • PS- Don’t worry about Bruno, Danny. SBC’s latest had weak competition, a Transformers sequel that was slowing down and significant dropoffs from Friday to Saturday to Sunday. Financially, it’s probably considered a success, but with a studio hoping for Borat success, it’s a disappointment and is going to drop out of consciousness real, real fast

  • Two problems I have with the trailer(and perhaps the film once I see it)-

    1- Natalie Portman looks miscast. Just doesn’t look convincing to me as a mother of two who just lost her husband- this from watching the first minute of the trailer. To me, she seems young. Too young for this type of role.

    I’ve enjoyed some of her work in the past(ie. Closer, V for Vendetta), but she’s never done anything that has wowed me up to this point. However, she is beautiful and there’s no denying that. Just wish another actress would’ve been cast instead (maybe Rachel McAdams, Amy Adams, or Zooey Deschanel).

    2- the tone of the trailer is, hopefully, misleading. The first 1 1/2 min it looked like a serious drama and then all of a sudden the trailer music mixed with quick edits of the children and then Tobey going nuts in a kitchen and then in front of police- make it look like a horror film.

    I’m hoping that perhaps the trailer is misleading it towards a horror/suspense and is much like a film from a couple of years ago “United 93”. Its trailer made in look like an action film, but it turned out to be a real time account of the events of 9/11, including the entire flight time of United 93– imo, not only the best film of 2006, but the best film this decade, so far.

  • Seth, I agree. I think both Maguire and Portman are miscast, and probably more so with Portman. You give her a lot of credit in those roles (“Closer” and “V for Vendetta”) but I still don’t think I’ve seen anything that blows me away. I actually think her best acting was in “Garden State.”

  • Forgot about “Garden State”, she was good in that, too. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed some of her roles, but haven’t been dazzled by anything she’s done up to this point.

  • Andy, here’s the early word: it’s turd. Watching the trailer makes me qualified to comment on that.

  • I knew that name was familiar. Sorry, my brain is not in fully functioning form lately. I’m blaming it on paint fumes.

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