Trailer Tuesday: Cop Out (Red Band)

First impressions of director Kevin Smith’s new buddy comedy Cop Out (formerly known as A Couple of Dicks) have been tepid to say the least. The jokes are obvious, flat, lazy and worst of all, unfunny. Watching the green band trailer was actually boring. Taking part in that two minute experience is like watching the introduction of that horrible Budweiser Super Bowl commercial with the cow breaking through the fence. Cop Out looks like it’s trying, but its trailer hints at a movie that falls completely and awkwardly flat. And that makes me sad.

See, I like Bruce Willis. I even like Sean William Scott and think Tracy Morgan, despite all his 30 Rock love, is OK. Even Kevin Smith, the cutting edge potty mouth turned dull butterknife thanks to his aped success, had me all pumped up with optimism in the hopes he’d use a movie he didn’t write to turn out something fresh. All that good will. Squandered.

And that makes me sad.

So the red band trailer comes along. It’s definitely a step above the green band and takes some unexpected swings but it’s still loaded with the same stuff from the first trailer that didn’t make me laugh.

Or smile.

Or grin.

Or smirk.

And that makes me sad.

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