Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Agora

Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar may not  have a lot of notoriety outside certain film circles, but his work tends to get picked up by Hollywood and subjected to Americanized remakes. You can thank him for the surreal Vanilla Sky and the spooky The Others– both if which he wrote, one of which he directed (The Others).

Alejandro’s latest (English spoken) film, the toga’d and sandalized Agora, which debuted at Cannes this week, stars Oscar winner Racheal Weisz and is all set to theaters (most likely the latte-serving kind that have beret racks) in December. Since Agora is a historic drama, the laws of the screenwriting universe dictate that it must focus its drama on a romance between a slave and a higher up– this time Hypatia, a Greek philospher known for her questioning of deity. As for history, Agora covers the rise of Christianity, the pagans getting a crossed boot up their bum-parts and the subsequent insult of Christianity going amok and destroying the famed library of Alexandria.

Agora is a treatise on religious extremism, but it’s a sandal-ridden epic from a solid filmmaker, so I’m 100% intrigued. Art thou?

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