Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Edge of Darkness

Remember pre-crazy-man Mel Gibson? Mel the action hero? Mel the actor? I do–vaguely– and I’ve missed him so. Sure, there’s no doubt Mel Gibson makes for a very competent and interesting director, but I kinda like seeing him get all fierce while he punches sharp objects and bullets into bad guy bodies with the power of his will alone. Enter: Edge of Darkness.

Taking a directorial break and getting himself in front of the camera with a little less clout since his post-drunk shenanigans, Mel Gibson’s back and kickin’ tail after his little girl is murdered. Word is, It’s some kind of cover-up and someone’s gotta PAY. Hopefully it’s not the audience. In the mean time, people fight, Mel chases and revenge is had.

The whole thing looks formulaic, but I won’t hold Revenge Formula #13 against it just yet. I like Mel Gibson and I like director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro), so here’s to hoping a January 29, 2010 release doesn’t mean it’s a stinker.

Decide for yourself below:

Edge of Darkness

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