Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Food, Inc.

I’m not big on conspiracies, which might have me holding a wet paper bag and blubbering my lips when the bottom falls out, but there’s just a thousand too many going around and my anxiety quotient is already capped.  I do, however, notice some things– like when I go to the grocery store and grab a tray of chicken breasts, only to get them home and discover one breast is as big as my head. That might be good for pinup girls and turkeys, but a chicken breast that size has me wondering what lab these tasty dinner entrees are being formulated in. Same goes for any time I look at the ingredients on any food package and notice the main ingredient stuffed behind a list of lab-created compounds and stuff that has to play some part in going ninja on your cells and reproductive gear.

Still, I’m always a little incredulous of any pushed agenda advocating conspiracies (there’s always a middle- and it’s usually never at the loudest end of any agenda), Food Inc. does look like it brings up some salient points– and could at least open your eyes as to how the hyper-processed and geneticized food we eat is becoming less like food and more like edible play dough.

Food, Inc. debuted at the Toronto Film Festival last year, but arrives in limited release June, 12, which means it will be seen by those it’s preaching to in big cities before quickly disappearing into the dark outskirts of public non-conscious– a land heavily populated a million other documentaries no one cared about.

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