Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Harry Brown

Michael Caine. The guy’s thespianized in both dreck (Jaws 3) and tentpole (Batman) and everything in between (The Cider House Rules), but he’s got that je ne sais quoi that keeps everyone coming back for more. Most recently, he’s become the lovable Grampa Caine personae of the Miss Congeniality and Children of Men variety, but before all that he was a gun-totin’ hard case in 1971’s Get Carter. Three cheers for the upcoming Harry Brown, then– it looks like we’re getting a nice combination of both.

Set in modern day London, Harry Brown is a contemporary tale of geriatric vengeance for those disappointed by Clint Eastwood’s going soft and wussy in Gran Tarino. Excellent.

Michael Caine has always been best when served with material that takes advantage of his everyman likability and infuses it with stone-faced seriousness. Turn that seriousness up a notch to reveal a justice-driven mean streak and it’s nothing short of compelling. Sign me up.

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