Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Hunter Prey

So, I’m not a sucker for the singing/dancing genre. While I don’t discount it wholesale and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship behind a musical production of any kind, I’d rather spend movie time watching things get blowed up real good. Preferably in space.  I’m sure I have my 3-year-old Star Wars viewing in 1977 to blame for that, which explains my fontanelle for the oft-punched Chronicles of Riddick, monster movies and an inability to totally discount most of the truly dreadful junk Sci-Fi passes off as “movies”.

And thus… my hoisting the Hunter Prey trailer upon you. While this isn’t a “true” studio trailer, it’s a trailer nonetheless.

First, a little background. If you’re not familiar with “fan films”, a group of enterprising folks with a camera, a dream and their costume collection get together and make a trailer/short film involving their favorite genre (usually involving Star Wars). One of fan films holy grails is a short called Batman: Dead End. Directed by fan film auteur and Stan Winston effects graduate Sandy Collora, the production values are high, the costuming is fantastic and the ending is one for geeks of all stripes.

Not content to continue in the DC comic genre, Sandy’s been working on Hunter Prey, which  has just released a new trailer. While you’ve got to allow some latitude for budget constraints (the trailer feels “small”  and consists of four guys in costumes after all), I just think dudes in armor and helmets carrying big guns is cool.

You can check out the trailer at sci-fi blog io9. In the mean time, here’s that Batman: Dead End short.

It’s like two trailers for the price of one!

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