Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Inception

Here at AATM, every day is Trailer Tuesday… and that’s ok, because this is our site and we love both movies AND their advertisements.

A pretty intriguing trailer was released a few days ago in the form of Inception. Christopher Nolan’s first film since The Dark Knight, Inception tells the story of… well, they’re trying to keep it under wraps. What’s not under wraps is that it’s a modern sci-fi tale taking place in the labyrinth of the human miiiiiiind. That’s kind of a pretentious way to say “psychological thriller where guys jump into other people’s dreams”, but whatever. It’s Christopher Nolan and he’s got a Dan Vinton free pass.

The Inception trailer is 100% tease-a-riffic, but is pretty striking in a head scratching “what the!?” way. It’s also very  “HOOOOOOOONK…. sssssshhhhhhheew….HOOOOOOOOOONK”. You’ll hear what I mean when you watch it but please… just don’t compare what you see here to The Matrix.

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  • There is too much tease in this teaser for me to make any sort of intelligent comment, but like you, Nolan has a free pass with me to do anything he wants. And you know what a cool movie is about jumping in and out of people’s dreams? Dreamscape!

  • Im positive i saw agent smith in there..

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