Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler’s not the man he used to be. Oh, sure- he’s got that rough and foreign (ie: sexy) Scottish brogue that’s 100% guaranteed to  turn an average looking dude into a musky, bodice-shredding fantasy– but let’s face it: Since 300, dude’s really let himself go. He’s gotta be pushing 185 at least

…which now allows him to play the “everyman”- the everyman hard at work on nailing that American accent which he’s awlmost gaaaaawt thanks to a recent string of “I’m a fake American Dude” projects: The Ugly Truth, Gamer and, our feature today, Law Abiding Citizen.

Law Abiding Citizen, a thoughtful examination of the moral and consequential repercussions of justice using depth and emotional resonance to tell the story of the grief and sorrow felt by so many  after the loss of their wife and daughter. And by that I mean Butler exacting swift and righteous kill-’em-all-let-God-sort-’em-out vengeance from the comfort of his very own jail cell– much to the discomfort of Jamie Foxx’s Assistant D.A. As scripted by Kurt Wimmer, author of Gunkata and writer/director of the post-apocalyptic masterpiece Ultraviolet, L.A.C bears all the hallmarks of an easy Oscar lock.

In the mean time, Jamie Foxx needs to know mercy is for the weak and that Butler will have his revenge… and this time it can’t be blamed on the A-a-a-a-a-alcohol, baby.

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