Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick?): Mystery Team

So apparently, where I thought I was an internet maven, I’m a noob. I’ve never even heard of Derrick Comedy, a supposedly brilliant internet comedy troupe whose online skits have won praise and loyalty. In fact, they’re so popular they made a movie called Mystery Team about Bloodhound Gang wannabees who are now all growed up but remain childlike in their cluelessness.

To be honest, the idea sounds like a lot of fun. Who didn’t concoct their own mystery/adventure club as a kid? I think mine was called the Sleuth Squad (with an unsquad-ey two members) or Steal All Cookies When Mom’s Changing Baby’s Diaper Club or something. After debuting at Sundance with rave reviews for its hilarity, including the Sundance Audience Award, Mystery Team promises to be a gut-busting debut when it debuts later this fall.

But then I saw the trailer and was like, “Whaaaaaaaaaa…!??” Either I’m out of touch, or distributor Roadside Attractions need a new trailer guy, because this makes Mystery Team look both lame and flatly unfunny.

I may never trust a Sundance Award again.

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