Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): RETRO! Edition

With the fall break in full effect now,new trailers are in short supply. You’ve seen the Extract trailer and you don’t care about the Gamer trailer… but that won’t stop Trailer Tuesdays, Friends! Welcome to Retro! Edition: The Last Starfighter. Since I’ve had its theme song running through my head for the last 2 weeks, you’re getting the trailer to this 80’s classic– with the hope I can wipe its musical stickiness off on someone else.

Made before the quick cuts and thunderclap beats of the trailers we know and love today, The Last Starfighter’s trailer uses some narrative charm by voice over to explain the Starfighter premise– a premise filled with the sci-fi, bubblegum confection of most every 10-year-old’s dream: Playing video games = TOTALLY worthwhile.

Holding a niche in modern film history, The Last Starfighter was a barrier breaker as one of the pioneers in using massive CGI special effects over models. Recently unleashed on Blu-ray, it’s a film that still holds up across the board– even if the perpetually pattern-bald aliens are as goofy looking now as they were back in ’84.

4 comments On Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): RETRO! Edition

  • As a kid i loved this flick but..
    Robert Preston was the shit in Victor Victoria.

  • Still holds up???? eh no. the wind rushing through the heroines hair as they think of each other just makes me gag. Granted back in the day of the atari 2600 this was a cool movie, but no, I respectfully disagree, it does not hold up today. The storm troopers in the final battle scene of star wars: attack of the clones look more realistic than the penis head alien and he was real lol

  • Considering you have a DVD library of some of the cheesiest sci-fi to ever come down the pike, the irony of your wind rushing comment is fantastic.

  • Ah touche

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