Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): The Brothers Bloom

Way back in the high-flying days of 2005, a little indie film busted onto the scene like an object through a plate glass window. That film? Brick, naturally. A mature film noir based entirely in a High School’s underworld, the film played out with cracking dialogue and ultra-hip sensibility. Rian Johnson was the man responsible.

A few years and some film festivals/shelf-sitting later, Rian’s second project, The Brothers Bloom, finally gets to see the wide light of day come May 29. It’s a con caper– but quirky!

The trailer’s fun, it’s been reviewed positively (though a Harry Knowles stamp of approval generally means he simply saw it) and I’m looking forward to seeing its eccentricity played out in full.

Check The Brothers Bloom trailer out below and let me know if you agree… or if I should just stick it.

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