Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Where The Wild Things Are (Part II)

I may not have said it before, but I’ll say it again anyway: Satan abounds in the hearts of those not moved by the trailers for Where the Wild Things Are. That may be going a little far, but I’m big time into hyperbole, so it stands.

In what seems like just yesterday, when the first WTWTA trailer hit, I had this to say: “Viewing the just-released trailer now– two years later– I couldn’t be more enchanted with the potential result. The film feels as if it’s wrapped up all the emotions I felt as a kid upon reading this book: adventure, fun, fear and wonder… those bittersweet glimpses where, as a child, we began to understand there was an adult world out there… and weren’t quite sure where we fit in.”

With this newer and expanded trailer showing more “Rumpusing” and more Wild Thing personality, I still agree with myself.

Judge for yourself, then judge me.

2 comments On Trailer Tuesday (Dan’s Pick): Where The Wild Things Are (Part II)

  • Looks dumb. The Arcade Fire was very much appreciated, however.

  • The film looks different, thats cool in and of itself but..yeah looks like a yawner to me.

    Then again i didnt like the book when i was a kid.

    ..And that damn song..please stop! Its complete rubbish.

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