Trailer Tuesday: Ghostbusters II

20 years ago on June 16th, I was preparing to enter my sophmore year of high school, had a mullet that made the ladies swoon and was rocking out in acid-washed tight jeans to Winger, Ratt and Bobby Brown. Yes, Bobby Brown. Fresh off his “Every Little Step” and “My Prerogative” chart-topping success, the future Mr. Whitney Houston would dress in super fruity spandex and don the late 80s trademark off-center aphro for the “On Our Own” music video, the theme song from “Ghostbusters II.”

This has special relevance for Trailer Tuesday because “Ghostbusters” is on out on Blu-ray today, not to mention all the recent speculation and rumors of a “Ghostbusters III” movie on tap. At any rate, enjoy Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own” music video and good luck getting these lame lyrics out of your head.

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  • Don’t forget the Ghostbusters Video Game, out today! (which I can’t afford to get yet! Curses!)

  • The name is Ghost Busters and they’re in control.

  • I wouldnt mind checking out the Ghostbusters game too but at $60 bones wack its getting harder to just go pick up a game cause it looks half decent, that game better be solid.

  • Gamefly, my brothers. GAMEFLY.

  • If you want to sign up for Gamefly, let me know! I am a member and I will get a bonus! Please oh please oh please!

  • I use to use them but always getting the games at the bottom of my queue and not the new releases i wanted i ended my subscription.

    I have no problem whatsoever buying a $60 game and supporting dev’s who put out solid content.

    Nothing makes me happier than sitting down with a killer game or movie but when i fork out the cash for alot of this unfinished buggy garbage thats released these days(you know who you are EA and Activision)then it just makes feel less guilty when i rip their shit off the interwebz while hearing their cries over pirating.

    But yeah..Gamefly is one answer but i personally have had a bad experience with their service. Are they any better these days?

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