Trailer Tuesday: Grown Ups

I simply have no words for how massively brainless and regurgitated Grown Ups looks from the trailer below. Adam Sandler and I aren’t on speaking terms after last summer’s pooptastic, Funny People, so there is no way he’s going to redeem this sinking ship. Frankly, this is like an all-star lineup of comedy has-beens, especially with Schneider and Spade.  I’m sure there are a few giggles here and there, but considering this movie is directed by Dennis Dugan (The Benchwarmers, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan), it just feels used and cheap.

Take a peek below and let me know your thoughts. Does the addition of Salma Hayek (Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant) and Maria Bello (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) help at all? My thoughts? No. This movie will suck the sweat of a dead man’s balls.

4 comments On Trailer Tuesday: Grown Ups

  • Looks pretty fricken stupid.

    ..And it’ll make a pile of cash.

    I hates me the Adam Sandler, one dimensional is the word of the day for this has been, been there done that, tired, overdone actor/comedian.

  • David Spade and Kevin James too – it will be childish idiocy at the very least.

  • It’s a Happy Madison production.. you knew it would have to star the usual stable of Sandler-pals. Apparently Chris Rock doesn’t rate any more when you don’t have a single line in a trailer for a Sandler movie.

    I’d hate on this, but after 15+ years of this stuff, it’s kind of par for the course. Yay for making out with old ladies and breast feeding hotties!

  • Meh..i shouldnt hate on Sandler so much, The Wedding Singer was hilarious imo “take off my van halen t-shirt before you curse the band and they break up” but most of his stuff especially lately is meh..

    Also i loves me the king of queens and kevin james was great in Hitch, but his other stuff like Paul Blart mall cop was terribad.

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