Trailer Tuesday: Hereafter

Clint Eastwood turned 80 years-old in May and he might be, in his old age, one of the busiest men in Hollywood. If he’s not the busiest, then definitely he might be one of those most acclaimed filmmakers of the last decade. Think about it: Invictus, Gran Torino, Changeling, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags of Our Fathers, Million Dollar Baby, and Mystic River are highly acclaimed (and awarded) films in the last six years. But this should come at no surprise. The guy is talented and whether as a director, actor or even as the movie’s music composer, Eastwood is solid gold.

Eastwood’s latest film, due in theaters on October 22, 2010, is labeled a “supernatural thriller” and is called Hereafter. According to the official synopsis, the movie “tells the story of three people who are haunted by mortality in different ways.” From the trailer, we see these three people are Matt Damon, Cécile de France, and twins Frankie and George McLaren. It appears Damon is some kind of psychic, de France looks to have a near-death experience and McLaren has a loved one die. I’m not sure what makes this movie a thriller and I wasn’t blown away by the preview, but one thing is more than certain – every human heart, regardless of what they believe spiritually, yearns to know what happens after we die.

Take a peek at the trailer after the jump and let me know your thoughts.

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