Trailer Tuesday: Hot Tub Time Machine

Dan is headed off to the land of San Diego, which, as we all know, translates to “whale’s vagina” in German. So because I couldn’t decide between posting Cop Out or Hot Tub Time Machine, I’m going to post another Trailer Tuesday by proxy for ol’ Dan. I know this is what he would have wanted me to pick.

I just have no words for what I see in this preview. Will it suck? Yes. Will it be absolutely banal and moronic? You bet. Will it be glorious and become a must-see Man Weekend flick of choice? Damn straight.

Hot Tub Time Machine opens on March 19, 2010. Behold its glory below.

3 comments On Trailer Tuesday: Hot Tub Time Machine

  • That looks awesome in a really dumb way…or dumb in a really awesome way, or something.

    “That just sounds….exhausting.” made me smile on the inside.

    I'd watch it.

  • My favorite part of the 2009 movie year was the string of comedies that happened in the spring-early summer, “I Love You Man,” “Observe and Report” and “The Hangover,” and I think even “Sex Drive” was last year (maybe not…looking it up sounds, exhausting…)

    I will see this first because there won't be anything else to see, and second because I'll probably enjoy it.

  • The Whale's Vagina bids you all a fond hello.

    Andy: Naaaaaailed it.

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