Trailer Tuesday: Killers

Despite the triumphant return of Tom Selleck’s hallowed mustachio– which incidentally, has been missing from theaters far too long– and Katherine Heigl’s chest, Trailer Tuesday presents to you a movie that looks so lifeless, it doesn’t have a poster yet: Killers.

I’ll come to an understanding of the metaphysical laws of dark energy before ever I fathom Katherine Heigl’s appeal. Seriously. Since Knocked Up, the lady’s screen presence is so blase and nondescript as to being completely replaceable via any other blond actress with teeth.

So, Killers: An oh my dreamy boyfriend turned husband isn’t who I thought he was–he’s a spy!!– romcom-thingy. Killers doesn’t look like it’ll be sweeping the knee of any trends except letting Heigl nail a hat trick of mind-numbingly boring and completely uncharismatic movies.

Watch the blah-ness below– then diagnose why this trailer ruined my Tuesday in our comments section.

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  • But its got Tom Selleck. And the mom from Home Alone, why can’t I remember her name? And yes Heigl is annoying, but at least her teeth and hair are fabulous.

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