Trailer Tuesday: Meek’s Cutoff

Despite fantastic movies such as True Grit, Open Range, The Proposition, No Country for Old Men and Unforgiven, Hollywood has yet to embrace the Western like it once did from about 1950 to 1970. Those were the years of Once Upon a Time in the West, High Noon, The Magnificent Seven and The Searchers. Nowadays, cowboys and Indians have been replaced by superheroes and aliens. I suppose that’s ok, especially in Tinsletown, where the hot commodity seems to recycle. Perhaps with the 2010 success of True Grit the Western is making a comeback.

Meek’s Cutoff, which premiered last year at the Toronto Film Festival, hits theaters in limited release on April 8, 2010, and it could very well follow the success Joel and Ethan Coen enjoyed with the seldom-used genre, especially considering Meeks’ Cutoff is directed by Kelly Reichardt, who garnered rave reviews, along with star Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine) for her 2008 movie, Wendy and Lucy. Reichardt has again placed Williams in front of her lens in Meek’s Cutoff, which also stars Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek), Paul Dano (Knight and Day) and Will Patton (Brooklyn’s Finest).

Meek’s Cutoff tells the story of a gunslinger, Stephan Meek (Greewood), who leads a wagon train up the Oregon Trail, and chronicles the hardships the convoy encountered while on their trailblazing journey with Meek. 200 wagons and 1,000 people turned off the Oregon Trail and followed Meek into the Oregon desert, where no wagons had ever traveled before. The trailer doesn’t explain too much of the story and is pretty dry, but Williams is easily one of the top actresses working today and I’m hungry for some more Westerns, so I’m going to give Meek’s Cutoff a change.

Take a look at the trailer after the jump and tell me what you think? Promising or boring?

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