Trailer Tuesday: Middle Men Redband Trailer


The more I see of Middle Men, the more excited I am for its August 6, 2010 release date. And trust me, in this redband trailer, you get to see plenty of boobies and hear the f-word, but this movie is about the dawn of porn on the World Wide Web and the man who stepped in to establish the first online billing company dealing exclusively with adult entertainment, so you knew it was coming anyway.

I hope Middle Men injects some life into Luke Wilson’s career, because ever since he guest starred on The X-Files in 1998, I’ve been a fan. Wilson plays Jack Harris, the architect of the billing system and an overall straight-laced family man. This is most likely the guy you cursed as you tried to download “free” pictures of some busty amateur back in 1997 on your computer sporting the dial-up modem and Pentium II processor. Considering Utah loves pornography, I’m guessing Middle Men ought to pump out some serious cash in Utah County multiplexes.

Middle Men also stars Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar), James Caan (Get Smart), Gabriel Macht (Whiteout), Laura Ramsey (The Ruins), Jacinda Barrett (Poseidon), Kelsey Grammar (Fame), Kevin Pollak (Cop Out) and Robert Forester (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past). Take a look at the trailer after the jump and give me your thoughts.

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