Trailer Tuesday: Ryan Reynolds in Buried

I figured I’d follow Dan’s lead today and post a trailer for a film playing up in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film Festival. This one, Buried, stars my mancrush, Ryan Reynolds, as a contractor in Iraq who is buried alive after his convoy comes under attack in Iraq. I’m assuming his kidnappers/gravediggers are nasty terrorists because they only leave him with a cell phone and a shitty flashlight, instead of fruit snacks and a juice box that would become anyone with a heart. Word out of Sundance is Rodrigo Cortes’ movie is tense and absolutely fantastic. Lionsgate must agree, because they snatched up Buried in record time, reportedly paying $3 to $4 million for the picture.

1 comments On Trailer Tuesday: Ryan Reynolds in Buried

  • This looks…meh..

    Now if they woulda left him some fruit snacks and a juice box?

    ..Then we’d be talkin.

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