Trailer Tuesday: Sherlock Holmes Teaser!

The Robert Downey Jr. lovefest has been in full swing since last year’s “Iron Man” and “Tropic Thunder,” and deservedly so. Downey Jr. has a natural charisma and fantastic acting chops that his drugged out years of disillusionment never stopped. Based on what I’ve seen in this “Sherlock Holmes” trailer, I have to say to both Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie, “Bravo, sir.” This looks absolutely fantastic.

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  • Fantastic looking trailer (except for maybe the “extreme-slo-mo-jiggle” in the fight scenes….)

    I never though much of Downey until “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” at which point I decided I pretty much needed to see him in many, many more movies.

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was fantastic, I agree. Have you seen “Tropic Thunder?”

  • OHHHH I cannot wait! Finally…a movie to look forward to!!

  • Amen, Sandra! It’s a virtual desert from here to December!

    I liked the trailer– now here’s to seeing if Guy Richie can do a film not involving cockney gangsters and doublecrosses and have it be good.

  • Oh yeah, I’ve watched Tropic Thunder a couple times and plan on watching it several more. He was great in that too.

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