Trailer Tuesday: She’s Out Of My League

You know it’s a slow Tuesday when we’re premiering the trailers for The Last Song and She’s Out Of My League, but you’ll find no apologies here. It’s the second week in January. We had no other choice.

All said, I’m not sure what to make of this one. Sure, the chick (UK’er Alice Eve) pushes real-life cleavage at Apatow grad Jay Baruchel. But… the premise of a hottie falling for a geek while he tries to fend off relationship sabotage from his lame family, friends, hottie’s ex and himself feels asleep at the wheel– which might be fine given some great joke smelling salts, but the incredibly flat “plane doctor” and “uncomfortable meeting parents” scene aren’t even close. The movie’s rated R, so there’s probably some filth not shown in the green band that will punch up the laughs, but at the outset, this sucker feels like a non-starter.

If you’d like to find out where you fall in the movie’s “rank” meter,  you can visit here and submit yourself to judgment via ten all-gimmick questions and 40 illegitimate answers. Or maybe I’m just bitter after being ranked a middling “5”.  Sonsabeaches!

Trailer: Below. Theaters: March 12.

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