Trailer Tuesday: Splice

We’ve been banging the “this summer’s cinema offerings suck” drum pretty steadily for the last month now, both on AATM and on the radio and I think Splice, a 2010 Sundance Film Festival entry is a great example of how non-exciting the summer of 2010 appears. I’m not saying Splice is going to being a crappy movie, I’m just saying when your June 4th weekend is headlined by Get Him to the Greek, Killers, Marmaduke and Splice my excitement is replaced by a big fat question mark. And while definitely less exciting than recent summers, maybe this is a good thing. Perhaps it means May, June, July and August are heavy on originality and light on the been-there-done-that rigmarole of sequels.

Back to Splice, which from the trailer below, looks intriguing. It looks to be an orgy of science fiction, thriller and horror, with a little dash of medical ethics sprinkled on top. The plot revolves around two scientists, played by Adrian Brody (also starring in this summer’s Predators) and Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead), who have gained notoriety by splicing together the DNA of various animals. However, things quickly descend down the pooper when the duo combines human DNA with their spliced animals and subsequently create a modern-day chimera.

I think Adrian Brody is a great actor and I think Sarah Polley is solid. I haven’t seen Vincenzo Natali’s Cube, a film that is almost always on the “goriest and most depraved” films ever made lists, but I’m willing to give it a chance based on the two leading actors and on the trailer. What about you? Yay or nay?

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