Trailer Tuesday: The Boat that Rocked

philip-seymour-hoffman-the-boat-that-rockedLeave it to those crazy Brits to keep churning out hilarious comedies. I hadn’t heard of the film “The Boat that Rocked” until receiving a press alert on Monday, but after seeing the trailer, it looks to be packed with talent and is directed by Richard Curtis, the man who helmed one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies of all-time (“Love Actually”).

“The Boat that Rocked” is set in 1966 and tells the story of a fictitious pirate radio station, ironically broadcasting from a boat, which angered government officials by broadcasting rock music 24 hours-a-day. Add into the mix a colorful and racy group of disc jockeys and it sounds like we have the making of a great ensemble comedy. The movie stars the always-fantastic Philip Seymour Hoffman (“Doubt”), Bill “Don’t Call Me Squid Beard” Nighy (“Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”), Rhys Ifans (“Danny Deckchair”), Nick Frost (“Hot Fuzz”) and Kenneth Branaugh (“Valkyrie”). Oh, and don’t let me forget the oh-so-stunning Gemma Arterton (“Quantum of Solace”).

It hits theaters on August 28th. Check out the trailer for “The Boat that Rocked” at

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  • So I was watching Love Actually on Sunday. I have to say it bored me to tears and I turned if off after an hour or two. Granted I was reading a book and the internet at the same time, so I wasn’t really paying attention, but that’s only because it wasn’t pulling me in. It had a serious line up of cast members though. Should I give it another try?

  • You really should, but with full focus. It’s an endearing show. There’s a scene with Kiera Knightly near the end that I just think is fantastic. You can’t help but feel good after that movie.

  • That movie is a tribute to love, actually.

  • Bored to tears? Reading a book? On the internet? ADD girl…turn off the computer, close the book and enjoy a terrific movie. Check out Four Weddings and a Funeral, too. Looks like another winner for Richard Curtis.

  • Will do. I’ve seen Four Weddings. Entertaining, but Andy McDowell or whatever her name is irritates me.

    And yes, I have ADD, or something.

  • Andi McDowell irritates me too. I know she’s a Cover Girl model and everything, but I just get the feeling she’s pulling a Jamie Lee Curtis and that under that “beauty” lies a weenus. Seriously, she’s a dude.

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