Trailer Tuesday: The Green Hornet

I know absolutely zip about The Green Hornet and what I do know comes from our good friends at Wikipedia. From what I gather The Green Hornet, aka Britt Reid, has been around since the 1930s and originally debuted as a radio program. Basically before there was Batman (1939), there was The Green Hornet (1936), but instead of being a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne, Britt Reid is a newspaper publisher by day and a vigilante ass kicker at night, minus the whiny, green-underpants-wearin’ sidekick, Robin. No, Reid’s Asian manservant and Kung Fu practitioner, Kato, serves as his partner in crime, and in the TV series he was played by Bruce Lee. Now Seth Rogan (Knocked Up, Observe and Report) is bringing The Green Hornet to the big screen (in 3D even!) on January 14, 2011. The movie is directed by Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and stars Jay Chou (Curse of the Golden Flower), Cameron Diaz (Knight and Day), Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) and Tom Wilkinson (The Ghost Writer).

Take a peek at the trailer below and let me know if it’s thumbs up, or a big fat turd. Personally, I wasn’t wowed, but my curiosity was certainly peaked. The biggest question marks in my mind are twofold: One, is America sick of Seth Rogan’s shtick yet? Two, the January 14, 2011 release date certainly doesn’t inspire confidence for quality. When the studio isn’t dropping the movie during the holiday rush, or shooting for a summer release, it makes you wonder.

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  • While this looks entertaining it also screams cliche and “been there done that.”
    One, Kato looks like the superhero and Rogan looks like the quirky sidekick.
    Two Cameron Diaz has infiltrated yet another film that I’d otherwise go and see.

    If i never saw her gigantic pie hole on the screen again my life would be perfect!

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