Trailer Tuesday: The Last Song

Whenever I see or hear Miley Cyrus I want to punch my own testicles. It’s true. Having an 11 year-old daughter has filled me with enough Hannah/Miley entertainment to last an eternity. Reading, watching and viewing the sideshow that is her life just makes it all worse for wear. So, to say the least, when I saw this trailer for The Last Song, I was foaming at the mouth for the chance to berate lil’ Miley and her new movie.

But I can’t. I just can’t do it.

It would be like dropping a nuke on Sesame Street. It’s just too heartwarming to crap on (damn you Nicholas Sparks!) and while the movie will probably be a two-star, cliche-ridden emotional de-pantsing and rape, I’m sure it will do well. The Last Song (oh if it were only true) hits theaters on April 2, 2010.

The question now is where does Miley go from here? Is she the next Lindsay Lohan and just another slight nudge will turn her into an emaciated meth-head, or is she misunderstood, talented and one of cinema’s up-and-coming stars?

What say ye?

7 comments On Trailer Tuesday: The Last Song

  • ur a dumbass blogger,stop lying ,there's no way u have a daughter.i bet u sat all day looking for what to blog about,i bet u check what's going on miley cyrus life,if u dont like her u shouldnt give a dang! about her life.loser!

  • Aww..kitty got wet.

    Someones upset Andy pooh pooh'd on Miley.

  • sheesh .. some people are not very nice to you on here Morgan. It looks good to me…..

  • Interesting that the setting sun in the poster is a metaphor for her career/cultural relevance.

    Yeah, Andy! Dumbass, daughterless, all-day-sitting, miley cyrus checking, dumbass blogger loser!


  • People's attempts at trying to slam me are getting more and more retarded. Or maybe I've lost my edge because I spent my whole day yesterday wondering what to write about and lusting over Miley Cyrus. HA!

  • I can't blame you lusting after her, she is almost cute.

  • It's just a matter of time before lil' Miley is in Maxim wearing hardly anything and singing about dry-humping gangsters in da club.

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