Trailer Tuesday: The Repentance Edition

Well, this is akwaaaaaaard. Here I went on and on about never missing a Trailer Tuesday and now I’ve missed (GULP!) two! Things have been super slow at Andy at The, but I promise it’s only because I’ve been training for a marathon, which, I’m happy as hell to say, is now over. It was my fourth marathon and probably the hardest. Every single muscle below my junk hurts in the most horrendous way. But you didn’t come to AATM for the lowdown on my running; no, you came to watch some trailers.

Behold the trailer for The Fighter, starring ark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams. The movie is due in theaters on December 10, 2010 and is directed by David O. Russell (Three Kings). I’m interested to get your take on the preview, because it didn’t really stir me like I anticipated. Despite what Lily Tomlin might say, I think Russell is a solid director and the three leads – Wahlberg, Bale and Adams – are definitely in the upper echelon of actors. Still, with all the film has going for it, I just didn’t find myself engaged. What about you?

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