Trailer Tuesday: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I didn’t see Bandslam on Friday, so I’m not sure if this is the much-anticipated New Moon trailer the web was abuzz with last week. However, it is a new trailer and Twilight makes women and girls people go crazy, so here it is. I actually like this trailer because I am on Team Jacob. I relate to the guy always labeled as “friend” and always passed over for the taller, paler, douchier guy. At any rate the Abercrombie & Fitch looking werewolf is featured prominently, mostly sans shirt, in this nearly two minute preview.  Enjoy!

7 comments On Trailer Tuesday: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

  • Isn’t there a team-Edward trailer……ohhh I can’t wait. This looks tense!

  • There’s that puppy again.

  • YAY! That looks fabulous. I have said all along that out of all the twilight books this one will make the best movie. It is my least favorite of the books because it is depressing, but that will be what makes this movie more exciting. And Dan, you know you like the puppy. Anyway…thanks Andy!

  • Edward = Douche.

  • Man I’m team Edward but this preview has be questioning that! Jacob is HOT!!! Anyway, thank you Andy! Indeed you do know what women want!

  • Good hell that cgi was saturday morning terribad!
    The fans will flog me here but..this thing looks even more of a turd than the first.

    Its a teen angst riddled steamy zeppelin of a turd!
    Wake up! Its sucking your brain cells as we speak!

  • Say what you want, it might not be a great movie as far as how it’s made, but people love the story line and that my friend is why they go to see the Twilight movies! We love the characters, we love the stuff about first love and the conflict it brings, WE LOVE the drama!

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