Trailer Tuesday: Tron Legacy

At this point, nine months out, I’m not sure there’s anything we can say here about Tron Legacy that hasn’t already been said from what little we’ve seen. Andy’s not so hot on Tron Legacy. I think it looks exciting, slick and am chomping at the bit.

Tron‘s first theatrical trailer– the one debuted before Alice in Wonderland— has been released to the internet. Judging by the $114 million haul Alice made over the weekend, most of you have probably already seen its combination of adrenal kicking rhythm, crackling energy and uber-fine visuals, but that doesn’t make repeat viewings look any less sexy or thrilling. With Jeff Bridges’ recent stock  increase thanks to a Best Actor win, by the time December rolls around and Disney’s hyper-refined marketing machine’s had another nine months to play it up, Tron Legacy should be incredibly high profile.

Long term success will obviously boil down to whether director Joseph Kosinski has made a good movie, but I have yet to see anything that says he hasn’t.

In the mean time, enjoy… or enjoy more by viewing the Tron Legacy trailer in larger, sexier HD right here.

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