Trailer Tuesday: Valentine’s Day

die-cupid-dieFor the most part, I don’t hate holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and their brethren are all good. They mean days off from work, sleeping in and general de-stressing from the daily grind. In fact, if we really want to shift the morale of the United States citizenry from crap to springtime, we should add more time-off-from-work holidays to the calendar.

Still, I won’t lie, I do hate Valentine’s Day. Probably because you don’t get the day off, and probably because nothing stresses me out more than trying to find a way on February 14th to show my lovely wife that I love her. A card just won’t do it, and chocolates, at least nowadays, say “Snack on these, Chubby.” And maybe you’re living in the lap of luxury, but I can’t afford trips and rings and all of that glittery crap the TV wants to sell me right before V-Day.

So, yeah, I hate Valentine’s Day. Boo. And because I hate Valentine’s Day, this near-remake for Love, Actually, aptly called – wait for it, wait for it – Valentine’s Day, can kiss my lily white butt cheeks, too.

Check out the trailer below and give me your thoughts. Off the top of my head, I only have a one: Julia Roberts has horse teeth and is old. Yeah, I said it. So there. Good DAY!

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  • Sorry, Andarooni, but this lady will be seeing Valentine’s Day! It looks good and has a lot of my favorite people in it. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

  • Apparently you are asking for a death wish! I die over Julia she is amazing and a true lady in my book. Those horse teeth you talk of can make anyone smile. You and your pearly white booty need a swift kick! Don’t knock the Julia…ever…got it?

  • Sorry, Hammer. I don’t see how she has a job. Not. A. Fan.

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