Trailer Two-Fer Tuesday: Kick-Ass (Hit Girl)

At this point, Kick Ass is percolating in your conscious. You’ve seen the all ages trailer and Condor Man’s taxi cab facial. You’ve seen Nicholas Cage lovingly put a couple slugs into his little girl’s kevlar chest. And sure, while the little girl (AKA- Hit Girl) can take a .45  caliber punch, she can also deliver a few herself.

Empire recently posted an exclusive red band Kick Ass Hit Girl trailer, one that Trailer Addict was kind enough to rip off? generously distribute. And be warned– this ain’t no sissy red band trailer. It’s arterial, severial and very naughtily uses the two words that would get you sent home from school and leave your Mom wondering where she went wrong. It’s also pretty great… and I feel kind of guilty for saying that.

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  • Diggin the over the top action and daddy daughter relationship thang but the potty mouth and…well shes a little girl..

    Mini Jesus in me says “humanity as we know it is goin down the dumper”

  • That was absolutely fantastic. This just moved up possibly to #1 on my most-anticipated movies of 2010.

  • I also enjoyed the red band. I'm not about to get in a hissy fit over a 12-year-old using the C-word and F-word. They're JUST WORDS and the negative vibe toward such words should be directed at the intent behind use of the words rather than the words themselves. Seeing as this is in a MOVIE, I don't mind.

    My point is, if you say “Eff you” to someone, the alleged sin isn't in using the word f*ck, it's in what you're telling to the person, moreover, I'd argue that by saying just simply “eff you” you're deceiving yourself.

  • “I'm not about to get in a hissy fit over a 12-year-old using the C-word and F-word. They're JUST WORDS”

    If you dont think words are powerful and can move us to do great and terrible things then you sir must reside under a rock.
    ..And for the “intent” behind words, what does it say when they intend a little girl to spew garbage and kill in a brutal way?

    Im an oversized man child with no kids in my house and im the first in line for the violent edgy shit released these days(if its quality) and i also realize what theyre going for here and the movie looks somewhat cool, but when i see them throwing a prepubescent girl into situations like blowing holes through dudes skulls and making sexual references it sorta makes my stomach turn.

    Leave the little girls n boys out of the adult shit, its lame and in bad taste.

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