Trailer Wednesday (Dan’s Pick): Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

Andy challenged me to post my own trailer (Did you miss me? No? Fine.), so here it is in all it’s excessively long-named glory. But first, four things.

1) Vampires are dumb.

2) John C. Reilly playing one proves it.

3) This vampire craze is about to implode– The Vampire’s Assistant may help.

4) Somewhere in the middle, I kind of laughed.

8 comments On Trailer Wednesday (Dan’s Pick): Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

  • Wb Dan.

    Watching this trailer made me laugh and cry and made me wanna go back to high school and meet cute vampire boys and go to dances and stare into one anothers eyes for a really long time n stuff and..

    ..Er..was that outloud?

    Isnt this the 3rd Twilight? Looks umm awesome..

  • I’d watch it. Looks like a worthwhile Redbox rental combined with a 6 or 12 pack of brewskis and a few laughs.

  • All I can say is LOL!

  • I saw this trailer in front of G.I. Joe tonight and it looks like pure confused crap. I honestly have no desire to enter a theater and see this. Sorry.

  • I think you are all old and jaded– I think it looks kinda fun!

  • Sure it does, Jeannie. Sure it does.

  • This coming from the guy who liked GI Joe?? Listen Mr. Movie– take it for what it is– a silly, check your brain at the door, fun day at the movies kinda movie!

  • There is nothing fun whatsoever about this preview. And John C. Reilly looks like a sexual predator. All the time.

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