Full-Length Transformers Trailer Debuts

We usually designate Tuesday as a special trailer day, but the trailers have been loading up so fast in the last 24 hours that exceptions must be made! First off, for those of you awaiting Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, your moment of satiation has arrived in the form of a full length trailer stocked with stuff you know and sprinkled with stuff you don’t– particularly a Megatron resurrection and a sand-sucking Sand Sucker robot, which I’m sure has a name to all the toy collectors out there (Devastator?), but I don’t remember it.

To view the trailer, well, just click play. UPDATED: 16:9 FOUND (thanks to Michael Bay himself- bless you and your ego, Sir!).


Transformer “Revenge of the Fallen” trailer #3 from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

7 comments On Full-Length Transformers Trailer Debuts

  • Something down deep inside me always makes me laugh at Mr. Bay, his obsession with the military and shots of meteor’s from outer space exploding into buildings is funny stuff. That being said i cant wait for this one.
    Once i check my brain at the door, im going to stuff so much popcorn and diet coke down my throat while watching this they may have to perform an angioplasty on me right there in the theater.

    Oh..and Shia needs to stop overacting, its getting rediculous.

  • Agreed, Michael Bay is WAY over the top, but that’s what makes it palatable – we know what we’re getting into from the get-go, he’s not pretending to be something else. And yes, Shia is quickly maneuvering himself to my “most annoying actors” list. And if he’s really going to be in a sequel to “Wall Street,” then he’s a bigger idiot than I thought.

  • Wall Street sequal? Wtf man..i guess i shouldnt be surprised that Hollynub would try milking this one cause it is such a classic but for the love of all thats holy WHY? The first film ended perfectly..i didnt need to know what happened next..

    Did they say who would be directing the sequal?

  • Oliver Stone is directing the sequel as well. I don’t think it’ll suck. There’s too much ripe Wall Street sniping to be done now.

  • Also, I salute Michael Bay’s military love because he makes military look so bad@$$ sexy. I’d watch his military porn all the live long day.

  • I don’t know, man. Oliver Stone, despite his name and prior – and I mean PRIOR – past triumphs, doesn’t have the best track record with the box office and critics as of late. I doubt he’ll get either back on track with a Wall Street sequel. That’s like De Palma coming in to do a sequel to The Untouchables to revitalize his career. Just seems cheap to me.

  • Ok fine only thie time round i want my Wall Street sequel to read like this..

    Wall Street 2! Death to Gecko!
    I want Charlie Sheen pumped up rambo style via Hot Shots!part deux!to walk in the front doors Matrix style and start unloading on all those greedy fat suits. I want heads rolling and lots of blood.

    Death to Gecko!

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