Tron: Legacy Gets Release Date, Internet Collectively Yawns

Best. Picture. Ever. Tron Mooseknuckles is set for a 12/2012 release.
Best. Picture. Ever. Tron Mooseknuckles is set for a 12/2012 release.

Wow, December of 2010 is shaping up, at least to this film fan, to be a real slice of stink. So far the lineup for 12/10 includes The Smurfs, Yogi Bear and The Green Hornet. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like two potential rivals to the suck created by Alvin and The Chipmunks, and a Seth Rogan movie that willl most likely go down in flames. Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but I get no sense of excitement or creativity with any of those titles. Smells like burnt fruitcake to me.

Hollywood is currently stuck (and probably has been for a few years now) in this dark love funk of all things 1980s. This explains the constant barrage of 80s craptastic TV heading to the big screen, as well as Hollywood’s leg-hugging and re-introduction of  the never-was-cool, never-will-be-cool gimmick that is 3D movies. But I digress. This post is really about Tron: Legacy and how it’s scheduled to hit multiplexes in 3D on December 17, 2010. 1980s Tron was lame. No reason to suspect this won’t be even lamer. Jeff Bridges. Pfft! Sellout!

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  • I agree with you on all of it accept the original Tron being lame.
    I dug Tron alot, for its time the true polygon rendered cgi was something i believe had never been done up until that point.

    It was clean, 24fps smooth and cutting edge.
    You mentioned The Last Starfighter but that had nothing on Tron.

    Sure it was 80’s cheese served up on white bread with the crust lovingly sliced off, but the performences were solid and who didnt love the bikes man, the frisbee’s n bikes kicked ass.

    Tron was pure nerd pwnage.

  • Oh and to come out and tell the world your gonna release a movie well over a year away is completely f***ing retarded.

  • Firestarter. If you think the Comic Con teaser for Tron 2 was a preview of lameness well, actually, I don’t know what to say.

    PS- That dude in the pic above just had to put his Tron plane on the market. Being a Tron stand-in didn’t quite pay the bills as expected. Back to the IT day job for you, Knuckleballer.

  • What was cool about the trailer? A dude on a glow cycle having Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift with a robot with a badly CGI’d Jeff Bridges face? I’ll eat my tie if this is cool, but I’m betting on no. Special FX have to have some substance. All that glitters is not gold.

  • Sorry Andy i thought the trailer was pretty darn nifty myself.
    I hope your not like my father and buy those $100 dollar ties at Nordstroms cause that shits not gonna taste good goin down. ;)

    In all fairness i could see how these movies could bore the poop out of people.

  • It’s a trailer. It’s not proclaiming itself to be the next big thing. It’s simply introducing the fact there’s a sequel with a hook most people with any awareness of Tron would recognize. It glitters, but no one is saying it’s gold.

  • will always be the super running man in my book but..
    I have to agree with Danno on this one.
    That said..Dan you hypnotize me with your big sparkly words and correct english phrasing.
    Im a simpleton truck driver and i find myself laughing and crying at your big words and long informative reviews.
    Im posting while inebriated so im sure ill regret sharing my inner drunken thoughts tomorrow be it.

    Either way, good stuff. ;)

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