Tron Time is Sexy Time

I’m a sucker for visual/art/production design. Which explains why Andy’s correctly dubbed me a Bluray whore and why on Tuesday Pandorum (review here) made off with $20 of my hard-earned stripping dollars, why I periodically revisit the vile Alien: Resurrection and why The Spirit is shaming Spider-Man 3 and Starship Troopers on my Bluray shelf. It’s also why, whether Tron Legacy will be good or bad, I get all slobbery when I think forward (way, way off in the distance forward) to seeing the thing when it finally hits theaters –in 3D, of course– come December.

Every bit of Tron Legacy artwork and image that’s come down the internet fire hose has been super-sexy. SUPER sexy. So I kind of envy the fact Los Angelinos get to ogle an extra helping of Tron Legacy images thanks to Disney’s LA-based Tron billboard. The old-timey (what- no internet?) marketing campaign started in December (above!-click for bigness) and Disney’s since updated the billboard for January (below!). They’ll continue updating every month until Santa comes back. So far, the images have only been shots of the iconic Light Cycles– aka, Neon Motorcycles that grow out of dudes’ asses backs.


I can’t say if, beyond the “apple and Droid had a baby” motif, Tron Legacy as a film will be as invigorating as its design, but that’s OK. I’m happily soaking up the eye candy in the mean time. Join me, won’t you?

(Want bigger? Click to see the larger version at MTV)

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