Twilight New Moon Images from EW

I was perusing the web this morning and came across these “Twilight: New Moon” images at Entertainment Weekly’s website. I’ll be frank, I have no idea what is even happening in these photos, but my guess is Bella is pouting in both and these rugged, over-stylized vampires are giving her tender, yet firm guidance. And of course the one with Edward Sparklepants is definitely ending in a cold, pasty kiss. These do nothing for me, but if you’re a “Twilight” fan, I’m guessing these might make you a little jazzed for the November 20th release date. Click the thumbnails below for the full-sized version.

bella-laurent-new-moon    bella-edward-new-moon

11 comments On Twilight New Moon Images from EW

  • Zzzzzzzz. Snort- wha? I love the stills they release for this, which could have just as easily come from the first one. Vampires are dumb.

  • Vampires ARE dumb. That being said, I can’t tell if that chick is hot or not. You guys need to put a poll up to find out for sure.

    • Kristen Stewart is hot and cold with me and I’d say at this juncture, she’s living in Andy’s Antarctica. She comes across as a disheveled skater-chick to me and I’m just not swooning over her. Sorry.

  • Edward is HOT!!! He can bite my neck anytime….

    • Hey, did you see that picture in the post? Are you telling me pencil-thin lips, crazy-ass hair and pasty skin are what passes for hot?

  • Kristin Stewart looks like she has a perpetual bad attitude. And it ain’t Robert Pattison that’s got the chicks a-swooning. If Danny DeVito was cast as Edward, they’d still be making excuses and asking for bite marks.

    That and a back shave.

  • I’m as excited for this movie as I am for a colonoscopy performed by (and with the equipment of) the Roto-Rooter man.

  • BUZZ….Robert is a hottie…he was even cast as the dream-boat Cedric in the Harry Potter series, therefore, your theory of it being because he’s a vampire is a bust….sorry fellas

  • Cedric died and is now considered a dreamboat only because of Edward. You LOSE, Ke-Sandra!

  • Uh, not so fast Mr Daniel-son….Cedric was written as a dreamboat waaaaay before Edward was even a sparkle in Ms Meyer’s eye…which is why Robert was cast as said Cedric in the first place. Any true H.P. fan knows that.

    What’s that I hear…yeah…that’s right….OH SNAP!!

  • You lose again, Ke-Andy!

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