Twilight’s No Name Actress Wants You to Say No to Fur

41835203Do you know who Christian Serratos is? Wait, let me answer for you: no.

I didn’t either until she bared her booty for PETA in a Twilight-esque advertisement speaking out against wearing fur. According to, Ms. Serratos portrayed Angela Weber in Twilight and is slated to reprise the role in next week’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon and June 2010’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. According to The Twilight Saga Wiki, Angela becomes a good friend to Bella after her depression in New Moon. Looks like Serratos/Angela has shown her new moon, as well!

Ba dum dah! Ching! Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

Personally, I’m not a fan of PETA and its tactics, but I do think wearing fur is a tacky fashion choice. As far as this ad goes, well, you have to hand it to PETA for milking Twilight to their advantage. I’m sure it won’t hurt Ms. Serratos to bare her airbrushed derriere either. Probably the only one fuming about this is Stephanie Meyer. Perhaps Oprah will bring this up when she chats with Stephanie Meyer this Friday on her show. I doubt it, but you know Meyer’s Mormonism, politics and possibly gay and lesbian issues are likely on tap.

Either way, click for Christian Serratos PETA ad. It’s just a bare butt, but still, probably NSFW.

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  • Joseph Smith, is the original prophet of the church Stephanie Meyers belongs to. He stopped some people ounce who wanted to kill a snake that had snuck into someones sleeping bag. He saved the snakes life. Later on two mormon men were hungrily looking at a squirl in a tree. Joseph walked over to them, asked for and recieved the musket of one of the mormon men, and casually shot the squirl from the tree. He then continued on down the trail he had been walking. Why did he shoot the squirl while he saved the snake from certain death? The answer is no one knows for sure. While Joseph had a rather interesting explanation why the snake being killed was wrong, he did not say why he killed the squirl. The concensus is, however, that his reasoning was this. If you don’t have a good reason for killing the animal, don’t kill it (or mistreat it… he carefully put the snake at the edge of the camp using a shovel to carry it). Because of his good shooting the men in the camp did not starve. Humans are important too. Generally speaking what people assume his actions meant is that animals should not be abused, but if necessary they should be used. Typically fur is a luxury item in this country. However in very cold countries or places like Siberia a homemade fur coat may be your only means of staying alive. I hope Opra Winfry does not take this opportunity, to attack Stephanie Meyers, a devout Temple-worthy Sunday-school-teaching member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I know there are some people that would love for Oprah to do that, to attack people who are a minority religous group. But she would almost surely wind up baring false witness, if she did, because invariably those that attack the L.D.S. church invariably do. Why? Because the doctrine of the L.D.S. church is involved, maybe not what you expect, and almost surely not what you have been told, if your sources are other than Mormons. Being perfectly righteous is the objective of almost all L.D.S. members, but very few are. Getting from moral imperfection to moral perfection is an involved process. Demonizing someone for believing in doing what Jesus wants you to do to the very literal letter and more, maybe fun to mock because it makes you feel better about yourself, but this is quite precisely what was done to Jesus’s deciples, and indeed to Jesus himself. In so far as gay people go mormon’s hold no grudge against them. When Joseph Smith rewrote the Bible to it’s original inerrant form (called the inspired version) he changed the part about Sodom and Gommorah. To sum it up the problem with Sodom was the people were not just sexual sinners who were gay, but were also sexual sinners who were hetrosexual. The primary problem was that they forced themselves gay and strait, on other people. This story seems to embody the princepal in the L.D.S. church regarding noncelibate gays. If they try to force themselves into the boyscouts without the parents permission, than they must be opposed, politicaly speaking. Otherwise the Mormon’s must leave the boyscouts, and take the funding with them. In otherwords if someone wanted to have there own Older-Gay-Man-Younger-Boy-Campout-Group Mormons would not object, but if they forced themselves into the boyscouts (as scout masters) the Mormons must leave that group. Ofcourse there are major political axes being grinded against Mormons, because Mormons believe in holding to princepal even when all others are slouching to Gommorah. Right now as we speak some of the greatest minds in Mormondom are searching relentlessly for a cure for aids, including the billionare Huntsman who’s chemical/pharmicutical company is conducting wideranging massive research into this area of research. Considering the number of Mormons with major inventions and innovations to there name (including the television, the transistor, etc. etc. etc…) if anyone can cure aids it will probably be done by a Mormon or atleast have major funding by Mormons. Ofcourse they don’t teach this in school’s but such is the case, like it or not. Thus a group like the gays are cutting there own throats by attacking Mormons. But that is the nature of Karma, of good actions and bad. You can choose your actions but not it’s inevitable consequences. I hope Oprah doesn’t attack Stephanie Meyers just to satisify Obama and his propigandists. Political expediency to spread false hate, is as old as mankind; but eternal justice is as old as God. Therefore I hope Oprah doesn’t fall into that trap. Especially when you consider that Joseph Smith ran for president of the U.S. with a stated plan to buy the black slaves out of slavery (by the federal goverment) from the slave holders. And to then give all blacks land to call there very own as a respectfull thankyou gift (in the south western U.S.) forever as repayment for their hard work… wich is something he as an extremely hardworking poor country farm boy could most certainly understood. Yes Stephanie Meyers is true blue Mormon through and through, and she being an educated woman knows that is an amazing and terrific thing, regardless of what the illiterate highly propagandized masses may think they know is true, wich isn’t true, but is political propiganda starting from over a hundred years ago. Oprah seems to be educated to the point where she gets that, but we shall see. Afterall it isn’t poisen of the snake that we need to concern ourselves to much with, but the poisen of false hearted humans, who bare false witness to the illerate masses. Luckily sister Meyer’s is doing something about illiteracy in this world, wich will help stop genocides, and religicides, and ork-minded hate from gaining even more ground than it already is. If Mrs. Meyer’s continues to sale books to young people the way she is, who knows but what illiteracy will end in our lifetime. We can certainly hope. Afterall illiteracy and genocide and religicide go together like bochulism and sickness, or in otherwords, like one hand in another hand. But with sister Stephanie busily plucking away at her word processor, we can all hope for brighter future.

  • I don’t give a crap about PETA, however, Christian Serratos is not a no name, she’s in Twilight, and all the Twi-hards know who she is, which is enough, considering how many people watched Twilight.

  • Ho. Lee. Crap.

    Gary Olsen found AATM.

  • @Tiffany – Christian Serratos IS a no name actress. If only the Twihards know who you are, I’d say that sums it up. Don’t be sad. It’s just the truth. Maybe now that she’s bared her booty, her prospects will improve.

  • @Squirrel – I just have no words. That was quite the diatribe.

  • Andy,

    If you could pull your head out of whatever dark place that it resides and do some research before publishing what you believe to be a witty piece, maybe you will be able to grow as a writer and a human being. Christian Serratos has had several tv guest appearances on tween shows, (think Disney and Nickelodeon,) as well as having appeared on mainstream shows, such as “7th Heaven.” She has appeared in countless print ads, (was a well known child model with the Ford Agency,) been in several commercials, beginning at age 3 in a Barbie ad. She portrayed the ‘dream girl’ – Suzie Crabgrass in 44 episodes on the highly rated and comical Nickelodeon series “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.” If you had done a simple Google or Bing search on her, taken the time to look at her IMDb profile, you would have had a better idea of who she is. Like the criticism of those saying her picture is airbrushed, or was done simply to help her career, a little research shows that web has many beautiful pictures of her dating back to when she was a toddler, and that she has been doing work with Peta for several years, long before she landed a part in the ‘Twilight Franchise.’ I might say something rude, but Christian, as her name implies, will simply deflect all the criticism and with grace, simply turn the other cheek. Now that, is witty!!! I believe you owe apologies to Christian and to Tiffany. It takes courage to admit when one is wrong, but it sure makes the world a better place in which to live.

  • Martin, Martin, Martin. Sigh. You just shot yourself in the foot. My perusal of Ms. Serratos’ slim resume is exactly what led me to say she is a no-name actress. I’m not saying she’s not talented or that she won’t be. I’m just saying unless you’re in the Disney or Nick Fan Club, you probably have never heard of her.

    As for her PETA ad, yay for her. I’m glad she’s going to potentially benefit off of something she’s passionate about. Again, read my post – the facts can’t be disputed: she’s not done a whole lot of work in the movies or anything “mainstream,” and this ad definitely will turn some heads and get her some attention. What’s wrong with that?

    Thanks for the comment, Martin. Spirited debated is always welcome.

  • Post a negative anything on anything Twilight related and the obsessed start peeling out of the woodwork with the most passionate, long-winded responses and point by point refutations this side of Trekkie-dom.

    Relax, Martin. You don’t owe her anything– and citing a litany of “modeling” work, toddler pics (creeeeepy!) or guest TV appearances doesn’t legitimize her as an actress any more than the same did for Kathy Wagner, Ronee Blakely or any other of the millions of pretty faces that have run through Hollywood’s combine.

  • Andy,

    thanks for taking the time to reply. If Christian’s IMDb resume is limited for a 19 year old, then that is again your opinion, and not a fact. At least now the adjective is up from ‘a no-name actress’ to an actor with a ‘slim resume’ which is much kinder. Maybe Christian will go on to have an even more notable career than most, or she may choose to do something else with her life. I was simply expressing concern for anyone who is passionate about a cause being demeaned for a punchline, when IMHO they should garner at worst a minimal level of respect.

    As Dan seems to be pointing out, there are many young women in the entertainment industry, many who have much smaller bodies of work to their credit than Christian, some who have more, name actors are few and far between. (Note: Ronee Blakely seems to have been about 30 when she began her acting career, 27 when her 1st album debuted. Kathy Wagner’s career is more analgous, yet her resume has a greater variety of primetime shows, but then the 13 year DOB difference puts her teen career in a timeline before the advent of tween cable programming, & is something to consider. With Kathy and Christian there is also the 2nd degree of Fred Savage; K was twice featured on the “Wonder Years,” C was directed by an adult Mr. Savage on several episodes of “Ned’s”.)

    I enjoy a spirited debate as well, and will be back after I remedy my ailing, bullet riddled, foot. As the Irish Setter said while limping out of the pub, “I’m looking for the guy who shot my Paw!”

  • Martin,

    I have to agree with Andy, before he wrote her name I had no-idea who she was. No-name actress isn’t bad, I would put the guy from Fargo (the one with the goofy eyes in this) MOST people may not know who they are (especially when you factor in the fact median age of America is 35 years or so according to Google).

  • Alex,

    thanks for enlightening one who is on the cusp, North of the Median Age category. I read “no-name” as disparaging, when it may have been meant as a more categorical description, relating the familiarity most of America has with an entertainer.

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