Twilight’s Volturi And the Red Eyes of Doom

Sheen- New MoonMan, the bullet-train production speed of these Twilight movies is nothing short of mind-boggling. Not long ago, Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen were cast as members of the antagonistic and powerful Volturi, a vampire coven introduced in New Moon who hangs out in Italy and polices the world’s vampires with red-eyed authority. Now the two are in posters and a movie that’s coming out in 80 days. Summit means business and are assembly-lining these suckers while the Twilight passion is still hot. And, if our readers here at AATM are any indication… it’s piping.

Of course, if you’re a Twihard (you guys have seriously got to rethink your naming conventions) you know all this and just want to see the recently released character images for Alec (Cameron “My, you’ve grown” Bright), Aro (Michael Sheen) and Jane (Dakota Fanning). Because I like Michael Sheen so much, he gets the front page spot. If you’re looking for Dakota and the other kid (and MTV exclusive) dressed in faintly Victorian black while enjoying a little brown cloud, they’re after the jump…Click to see ’em BIG.Dakota- New Moon

Cameron- new Moon

3 comments On Twilight’s Volturi And the Red Eyes of Doom

  • I’m going to be the a-hole here and say these posters look like turd.

  • Nevermind the fact that Stephen King slammed the auther and informed her that she completely fails as a writer.

    But then they go and pull a dirty trick like this and get Sheen to be in their “As the Moon Turns” movie and now im probably gonna have to see this..

    Son of a..

  • Oh, I’ll see it, but not by choice.

    And she does suck as a writer. I picked up The Host and read the first ten pages. Then I punched my own balls.

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