Two New Avatar Images Show Us…Nothing

Okay, try not to poop your pants out of excitement, but two new Avatar images have hit the web and they show us…duh duh duh…absolutely nothing. I’m not expecting much, but really? These are supposed to make me excited? Just another shot of Jar Jar Binks lost cat-people cousins.  I wonder if at any point during Avatar they’ll find the dead remains of that blue-skinned, belly-shirted hoot-a-rific Jedi who obviously died on the jungle planet featured in James Cameron’s first motion picture in 12 years.

Okay, that’s my poor attempt to crap on both Avatar and the Star Wars prequels in the same paragraph, so I’ll just shut up now and post the pictures, available in gianormasized versions below (just click the image). Even though I’m snarky towards Avatar, James Cameron – despite being a dick – has a proven track record and I’m sure he’ll be flipping the naysayers the angry bird finger once Avatar beats out Titanic for the top box office spot. And once that happens, despite all my skepticism, I’ll say, “I told you so, a-holes!”

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  • reading a “movie” by it's title? or judging it by the creator.. Which is it. you are right about one thing, just shut the hell up & go watch the damn movie.

  • Hey Kris. Try commenting on an article that's a little more recent next time before ramming your panties up your crack. Like, you know, maybe our Avatar reviews, which are both warm and fuzzy. Even after second viewings.

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