Up Ties Some Loose Ends

Up is one of the year’s best. The movie runs the smorgasbord of emotions and themes– and while I’ve heard that criticized as a soft attempt to break through the live-action Best Picture barrier while pacifying the masses with fun (IE- a movie that’s not too thought-provoking), I say stop being so cynical. Not everything has to be an exercise in existential misery wallowing.

In the mean time, Pixar’s released an animated short from the world of Up.  The short chronicles George and A.J., the two orderlies sent to grab Carl Fredrickson for a trip to Shady Oaks retirement home before he gives them the raspberry and floats away. The short is animated in Pixar’s go-to 2D– a blocky, 60’s-esque illustration style, but still retains the fun and heart embodied in the feature film.

So what did Carl inspire? Check it out below.

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