Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Scores a Trailer

Wall Street was the cinematic exclamation point to the slick “Me,me,me” greed of the ’80s. An Oliver Stone film that’s as accessibly mainstream as they come, Wall Street famously introduced “Greed is Good” to the American lexicon. It also gave us a Michael Douglas performance (as the charming douchebag Gordon Gecko) that didn’t show flabby ass cheeks or the Douglas O-face.

20+ years later, Wall Street lands a sequel courtesy of Oliver Stone– one that perfectly coincides with greed’s 2008-2010 economic consequences. Gecko’s back after a 20 year prison stint and, apparently, ready to atone for his sins with the help of Shia “No-no-no-no-no…OPTIMUUUUUUUUS!” LaBeouf and a huge cell phone. Still, important questions remain: Will Gecko deliver a geriatric beatdown to Charlie Sheen, the guy who ratted him out in the first film? Will LaBeouf make the transition from teen actor to adult heavy-hitter? Will we see a Michael Douglas ass-resurgence?

I can’t tell you, but this sucker (stacked with acting awesomeness courtesy of Carey Mulligan, Josh Brolin, Frank Langela, Susan Sarandon and Vanessa Ferlito’s lips) landed on our top 10 for 2010 on last week’s KVNU movie show and after watching the trailer, my anticipation for April 23 hasn’t changed.

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  • I just watched the trailer and i got a little sick to my stomach.

    First..who the hell asked for a sequal to one of the greatest films of all time?..which by the way had a perfect ending.

    I swear to God Hollywood just cant leave well enough alone, this has cash grab written all over it and shame on you Stone for taking it and running.

    Maybe its cause your career has been in the shitter for years, ok i havent seen W. or WTC(which apparently were good) but Alexander was a huge flop.
    And to add insult to injury you cast SHIA LA TARD?..Are you f’ing kidding me? Even the way they present the films title in the trailer screams Michael Bay, what a joke man. What a travesty!

    I hope im dead wrong and this bullshit sequal makes me eat my words, i really do, but atm i wanna clock Stone and Douglas in the face for taking the money.

  • I’ll watch this movie, and hope it’s good, but I really question the casting of Shia LaDouche. This kid is a complete waste of space and I hope he gets hit by a bus to spare us 30 years of watching his bad acting.

  • If the trailer’s anything to go by it looks as though it should be left to sleep for another fifty years or so. By which time I’ll be dead, so I won’t care…………

  • I dunno folks. If anything, the fact Oliver Stone (who has certainly lost some edge over the years) is picking this one up 20 years after the fact feels less calculated and more “ready for a story that can be told”. That said, I don’t hate Shia, either.

    Of course, I can see the “money-grab” angle too– I’m just optimistically chasing unicorns and butterflies.

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