Web Analytics are Fun! And Scary!

We have Google Analytics installed on Andy at The Movies.com and it lets us know how many people are visiting the site, where they come from and whether or not we’re interesting enough to make them stick around. At this point, it would seem you like us. You really like us. But I didn’t come here today to drop ridiculously inept Sally Field Oscar speech nibblets in your swarthy beard. No, I came to share with you the horror of what I found in our analytics.

I’ll just say it, ok? Here goes. Jewess big breasts in films.

Yes, friends, on Thursday, April 30th, in the year of our lord 2009, some person with massive issues typed “jewess big breast in films” and found their way to the happy-go-lucky confines of Andy at The Movies.com. I can only assume they meant “Jewish” big breasts in films and, to wax stereotypical, was probably some Aryan Nation, white supremacist psychopath who, two minutes earlier, had just searched Google for “mark of the beast 666 upc code on cereal boxes.”

Sadly, I’m sorry we didn’t have any “jewess big breasts in films” for you. I’m not sure I can even point you in the right direction. But we aim to please, so the best I can give you is Jack Nicholson’s man boobs. Please come again.


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