Weekend Box Office Proves Us Right

punch_in_the_faceSo Up retained the number one spot at the box office this weekend with a $44.2 million take, giving a Three Stooge slap, bonk and poke to The Hangover (if just barely) and kicking Will Ferrell and Land of the Lost where they might not have deserved it most- right in the pruney. Which goes to prove Andy and Dan are both prophetic. Or good guessers. Or a couple dudes who can simply state the obvious. Let’s go with the first choice, shall we?

The Andy-adored, Dan-nitpicked adult comedy The Hangover pulled in $43.3 million, which, if distributed equitably, could pay off all the mortgages of AATM’s readers and allow the founders to retire to the life of temperate weather, inconsequential accumulation and mild impropriety promised by birthright via the American dream. That’s a more than decent haul and deserves a big pat on the back for word of mouth, hype and a relentless Warner Brothers marketing department. Land of the Lost was a distant third, with $19 million, which, incidentally, would still pay off quite a few mortgages. That tally also means not as many people thought Land of the Lost was worth revisiting after 35 years– that or “family movies” with family-unfriendly humor isn’t going to be attended by families. Go figure.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Lowest Comon Denominator and Star Trek: They Like Us, They Really Really Like Us rounded out the top 5. Terminator Salvation is still holding on at a number 6, with last week’s glowingingly reviewed Drag Me to Hell plummeting straight to its namesake with a summer-mild 53% drop– but considering how little it was seen last week, that’s a lot. The other new release, My Life in Ruins (aka the Grecian return of Nia “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Vardalos) debuted at number 9. Angels & Demons and Dance Flick are in the mix there somewhere as well, but at this point, considering the length of this post and the titles themselves, I’m sure you don’t care.

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